Breaking News: Tesla to join the Formula E championship in 2021

Tesla motors could be joining Formula E in 2021. Image via Wikipedia commons. cc2.0

Tesla is set to join the ABB Formula E championship in 2021 as an independent manufacturer, ThePitCrewOnline has learnt.

Tesla have always shied away from the fast-growing electric series, who has managed to court the likes of Mercedes, Audi and Porsche in recent years. However, it is believed that their participation has been spurred by the Electric GT series failing to come into fruition. The GT series, which was set to showcase the Tesla brand, has failed to find a buyer and has been postponed until further notice.

There is little information at this stage as to who would compete in the two seats they would have available but as the premier electric car manufacturer, they will be a welcome addition to the Formula E family.

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