Extreme E: RXR With Chance to Seal Title in Chile

RXR are in with a chance of claiming their second Extreme E title this weekend as the off-road series heads to Chile for the penultimate round of the year.

RXR, who won the first Extreme E teams’ title last year, go into the weekend with a 32 point gap between them and closest rivals Chip Ganassi.

There are six other teams who are still mathematically able to win the title: Acciona Sainz, X44, Xite Energy, Andretti United, JBXE, and McLaren.

Credit: Extreme E

To win the title this weekend regardless of where their rivals finish, RXR need to finish the weekend on the top step of the podium – something they’ve done five out of the eight races in Extreme E’s history.

Here’s the minimum each team needs to stay in the title battle:

If RXR finish Chip Ganassi Need AccionaSainz Need X44 Need Xite EnergyNeed AndrettiUnited Need JBXE need McLaren need
1st* Out Out Out Out Out Out Out
1st Out Out Out Out Out Out Out
2nd* 1st Out Out Out Out Out Out
2nd 1st or 3rd* 1st or 2nd* 1st or 2nd* Out Out Out Out
3rd* 1st 1st 1st Out Out Out Out
3rd 2nd or 4th* 2nd or 3rd* 1st or 3rd* Out Out Out Out
4th* 1st 1st 1st Out Out Out Out
4th 3rd or 5th* 3rd or 5th* 3rd or 4th* 1st* 1st* Out Out
5th* 2nd 2nd 1st Out Out Out Out
5th 4th or 6th* 3rd or 6th* 3rd or 5th* 1st* 1st* Out Out
6th* 3rd 2nd 2nd Out Out Out Out
6th 5th or 7th* 4th or 7th* 4th or 6th* 1st* 1st* Out Out
7th* 3rd 3rd 3rd Out Out Out Out
7th 6th or 8th* 5th or 8th* 5th or 7th* 1st  1st 1st* Out
8th* 4th 4th 3rd Out Out Out Out
8th 7th or 10th* 6th or 9th* 6th or 8th* 1st or 2nd* 1st or 2nd* 1st* 1st*
9th* 5th 5th 6th 1st 1st Out Out
9th 8th or * 7th or * 7th or 10th* 1st or 3rd* 1st or 3rd* 1st* 1st*
10th* 6th 5th 5th 1st 1st Out Out
10th 8th or * 8th or * 7th or * 1st or 3rd* 1st or 3rd* 1st 1st*
DSQ 9th or * 8th or * 8th or * 2nd or 3rd* 2nd or 3rd* 1st 1st*

*Additional five points for fastest time through the Continental Traction Challenge

Legacy Programme:

In every location Extreme E visits a legacy programme is set up to help local communities who are impacted by climate change.

This weekend is no different, with the focus of the legacy programme for Chile being on tackling biodiversity loss.

Extreme E is set to work with National Santiago Zoo to prepare habitats and reintroduce the Loa Frog in Calama.


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