Subaru Motorsports USA Unveil New Open Class Rally Car

Earlier today Subaru Motorsports USA and Vermont Sportscar unveiled the new VT23r chassis for competition in the American Rally Association.

What Is The New Chassis?

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The VT23r is the newest iteration of a Vermont Sportscar built open class rally car. Subaru Motorsports USA and Vermont Sportscar would say farewell to the VA chassis of cars yesterday. Unveiling the new VB chassis today (VT23r). The new chassis sports a 2.0-litre 4-cylinder boxer engine producing 320hp and 380 lb-ft of torque. The engine also includes the ARA-mandated 33mm restrictor plate and a 22 psi boost limit. The VT23r will sport the iconic Blue and Gold Subaru livery, made iconic by drivers such as Petter Solberg, Richard Burns and Colin McRae. 

Driver Quotes

Both Pastrana and Semenuk would comment on the new VT23r chassis. Pastrana would say “So excited about the 2024 ARA rally championship. The new Subaru platform is amazing and the chance to bagle again with two-time and defending champion Brandon Semenuk is going to be so much fun. When Brandon joined the team, I was the veteran. But the tables have turned and I’m looking forward to learning a lot and hopefully getting back to the top. I’ve only been away from the sport for a year but a lot has changed and I’m ready for the new challenge.” 

2023 champion Brandon Semenuk would say “The release of the new car will bring an exciting future along with it. This platform has been completely reengineered and the car looks and feels more dynamic, which will translate to an even better show for the fans! We will also have Travis coming back to the championship next season, which I’m looking forward to. Not only is it more fun having a teammate, but you learn so much more with a two-car team and this will be important for the ongoing development of the platform.”

Debuting Soon

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Subaru Motorsports USA would also confirm the new VT23r will debut at the ARA’s seventh round the Ojibwe Forests Rally later this month. The car will debut with 2022 and 2023 ARA Champion Brandon Semenuk behind the wheel. The Ojibwe Forests Rally takes place on the 25th and 26th of August. You can follow along with what should be another dominant rally by Brandon Semenuk right here on the Pitcrew Online. 

Surprise (Sort Of)

Along with announcing the new VT23r chassis, Vermont Sportscar and Subaru Motorsports USA would confirm that 6-time American Rally Champion Travis Pastrana will return to competition in a new VT23r in 2024. Pastrana would take the 2023 season off to focus on other things. This came after Pastrana failed to win a rally during the entire 2022 season. To be fair to Travis he was injured and Ken Block and Brandon Semenuk were blistering quick. Pastrana should be able to give Semenuk the competition he’s been missing this season next season. As Travis Pastrana is the only driver to beat 10-time champion David Higgins for a championship. 

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