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The best moment of the season is definitely the win of race in Dubai. It was the debut of the car and the team in this crew.
I keep in my mind memories from qualifications at Brands Hatch. The lap timer wasn’t working – there was an error of the display. I didn’t know what was going on and I didn’t have the faintest idea what times I was setting We also had minimal radio communication. My time was the 7th time in the general classification. Brands Hatch on the longer grand prix circuit is a very demanding track. It is old type, there are no safety zones, for the driver is waiting a lot of up-down driving. That kind of the track suits me very well. I love the Red Bull Ring, where there are also noticeable changes in elevations, and driving on that kind of tracks makes me very happy.
What I was really happy about was winning at the Hungaroring, which finally was taken away from us. The team took a huge risk – despite the fact that the track was, the crew put that the track would dry up and let us go on slicks. We were one of five cars (48 cars took part in the whole race), which left just on those tyres. It was a huge jugglery and huge stress before the start, because we didn’t know if it is possible to ride on this type of tyres and whether it won’t be the ice-riding, but it finally paid off. The time was good and improved from lap to lap. Also the selection of tyres and driving the race under delicate pressure and risk is my best third moment of the season.

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For my worst moment, I consider it a start in Zolder. It was a huge disappointment. We were very unlucky – my teammate went for an unscheduled pit stop. It was the first racing weekend [of the season] and because of it we weren’t fully prepared. I consider it one of the most chaotic moments of the season.
Another of the worst moments was losing the pole position in the Central Cup at the Nurburgring. In qualifying I was second or third, but only because of my own fault. If we put all the fastest sectors into a theoretical time, I would have started the first race from the start of the grid. This qualification was – it’s hard to call such a worst moment, but in the perspective I could be faster because I knew my own and the cars abilities. I don’t want to be brutal to myself, but it was a bit disappointing for me because I could easily get pole position.
The third moment I think will be the last race. My physical predisposition wasn’t the same as it is used to be because I had a cold or even I caught a flu. I was sick almost from Thursday evening, so Friday, Saturday and Sunday is the perfect time to get sick – you couldn’t have had a better one (laughs). It was better today – all the symptoms have gone away, there is only a runny nose and a slight hoarseness, but it isn’t so bad. I think that my well-being has also had a huge impact on my command and the feedback which I gave to the car engineer on Friday.

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