Brendon Leigh interview – ‘If the right people help grow the series then it can reach the same viewership.’

Brendon Leigh made headlines last year when he won the inaugural Formula One Esports event last year. Aaron Irwin caught up with the reigning champion to discuss his way into sim racing, the Esports event, and his future.

TPCO: What got you into sim racing? Also which sim did you start off on?
BL: I started Sim racing because i watched Formula 1 on TV so when F1 2010 game came out by Codemasters it was natural for that to be my first racing simulator.
What was going through your mind when you overtook Fabrizio on the final lap of the Grand Final?
I cant fully remember as it was a long time ago.
Do you feel F1 learned from the issues faced in the Vegas eRace when staging their own Esports competition?
It is hard to say as i don’t know anything about the behind the scenes in the F1 Esports, What i do know is that experience will iron out problems so they probably did learn a little from the eRace.
With Esports continuing to grow, do you think it has the chance to be as big as the real deal?
Its possible, If the right people help grow the series then it can reach the same viewership but we will have to wait and see.
There is a now famous ‘finger wagging’ gif from the Esports competition which features you, how do you feel seeing the Formula 1 community using it on race weekends?
I highly doubt it, The finger wag is not a few thing to Formula 1 or the Motorsport world. People waving a finger is frustration isn’t a new thing so I doubt me doing will change a huge amount.
Has your life changed at all since the Esports final? 
Massively, I have gained a lot of self confidence from the Esports series and I have lost a lot of weight to go with that.
Are you a big F1 fan? If so who do you think will win the title this season?
Yes I am a big Formula 1 fan, Its hard to say who will win it. Only with pre-season testing done and none of the top teams have shown their true pace yet.
You’ve lost an incredible amount of weight since the competition, how have you managed to do it?
With the help from Esports+Cars and the amazing help from Simon who helps me train two times a week. That has been the main key to the weight loss, having the best team around you.
What are you up to currently? Racing in any leagues?
Mainly just getting my weight down and getting ready for next F1 esports series. Yes i race in the Apex Online Racing league.
Lastly, Any advice for anyone looking to get into sim racing?
Enjoy the time sim racing, You cant win every race but try to end each race with a smile.
Thanks to Brendon for giving us his time to answer the questions and we wish him the best of luck in his sim racing exploits this season.
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