Sauber Seek the American Dream

GP USA F1/2015 – 25/10/15

Texas 2015 saw Sauber F1 team celebrate their 400th GP with a 9th place points haul for Felipe Nasr. Given that they are the only team yet to score this season, the team would be very happy to have the same result, if not better this year as the paddock heads to the back to back American leg of the F1 calendar.

The track will see the supersofts tyre being introduced for the first time which should throw the proverbial cats among the pigeons on a circuit that is already a difficult one with a tough combination of both fast and slow corners.


Tyre choices: 1 Medium – 5 Soft – 7 Super soft

The Swedish driver has been enjoying the sights and sounds of the Austin playground as seen by his social media posting in recent days. A mechanical issue caused him to retire from the race last year and he is looking forward to redeeming himself this weekend:

“I believe we all remember the rather unusual United States Grand Prix due to the heavy rain in 2015. I am looking forward to going back this year, as I like this track a lot. It is a nice event at the circuit, and, as well as that, Austin is a great place to be”.


Tyre choices: 1 Medium – 5 Soft – 7 Supersoft

Nasr, claimed a memorable 9th place in 2015 and has fond memories of the COTA track.

“Last year’s United States Grand Prix was quite eventful, as the weather conditions led to an exciting race. Finishing in P9 was a nice achievement, bearing in mind that it was the 400th GP for Sauber. Thinking about this year, I am very much looking forward to racing on this great track again. I will do the best I can for us to achieve a similar result to last year, as scoring points is obviously our objective”.

Sauber have just 4 races left in which to score the first points of the season. The COTA track had been kind to them last year, albeit which they did not experience the same setbacks as 2016, and they are hoping that a sneaky point might be on the offer.

Rhea Morar

(Image Courtesy of Pirelli F1 Media)

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