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For both my blog and for The Pit Crew Online I have managed to interview some very interesting figures in motor racing. I have always said that one of my dreams would be to interview a racer at the top of their sport in either Formula One or MotoGP and it was with a great honour that British rider, Bradley Smith agreed to take part in my Quick 10 segment. Not only am I a big fan of MotoGP, I am also a fan of Bradley himself, so for me this was outstanding.

I would like to thank Bradley for taking the time out to answer these questions and wish him all the best for the remainder of the season.

1. What is your favourite circuit and why?

My favourite circuit is Mugello. I really like a natural, flowing track, up and down hills and a bit of undulation. The atmosphere is always good there, bit like an ampitheatre with the track in the valley.

2. Who was your racing idol?

My racing idol didn’t actually come from MotoGP, it came from Motocross and Supercross. It was Ricky Carmichael growing up. I was a big fan from initially 95, 96, 97. I followed him throughout his career until he retired.

3. Who would you regard as your toughest opponent?

I would probably say my team mate, Pol Espargaro, just because we’ve ridden with each other from 2005. Our careers have kind of followed the same path and obviously we’re team mates at the moment inside the Monster Energy Tech 3 team and also going forward in the new adventure with KTM as well.

4. Considering riders of all-time, if you were a team principal, which two riders would you have in your team?

Just going off numbers and figures, you would have to say Casey Stoner and then Mick Doohan.

5. If you could invite four famous people to dinner (past and present) who would you invite?

I would really have liked to have met Barry Sheene, just because of British history and what I’ve heard about him and the way he was. I suppose someone like Lance Armstrong, again very interested in his life in general, winning seven Tour de France. Lyndsey Vonn, downhill skier, just because she is very dominant within her sport in various different ways, coming back from injury year on year. And then Serena Williams, after watching her just win Wimbledon for the umpteenth time in Grand Slams. Incredibly talented individual. I’m a fan of sports people.

6. Personal Racing Number. What is it and the reason behind it?

#38 – #88 was my dad’s race number, a family race number and I took it over when I started riding Motocross. When I then came to the MotoGP academy I was given number 32. It was kind of tradition or the rider to take an academy number. It (#38) wasn’t available so I just did a mix between my academy number and my dad’s number.

7. What is the best race you have been involved in?

I would probably say Assen last year. I think we had a 6 or 7 rider scrap inside MotoGP, like Moto3 and Moto2. I twas off camera, but it was a lot of fun.

8. Is there a race or series you have not competed in that is on your to-do list or you wish you had done?

I’m ticking if off more and more. Suzuka was on my bucket list and I managed to that. I’ve done that endurance side of racing. I suppose I do look at Supercross and wish I was a Supercross rider because it is a huge, huge passion of mine. And the rest of the championships, I’ve got the rest of my career to try those.

9. How did you get involved in racing? What ignited that spark?

Really, being brought up around bikes. We owned a Motocross track and I was around it from 3 or 4 years old. I saw bikes coming in for Wednesday practice and Saturday/Sunday we were open as well. So I think just being around bikes and bicycles even, always riding my bike in the garden. Made jumps, ruined my friend’s garden patch because I wanted to dig it up and make jumps. I think once you turn from a pedal power into a motor power. From the first day I was hooked.

10. What is the best racing advice you have been given?

I would probably say the best advice, even though it sounds really, really stupid, is “Don’t crash”. And don’t crash sounds like an easy thing to say, but it has multiple meanings. In terms of don’t crash, you get results, it means you gain confidence, it means you stay injury free and it means you don’t build up massive costs to your sponsors and to your team. It has a knock-on effect. More than anything, it keeps you happy, keeps you smiling and you can build on not crashing.

It was amazing for me to put the questions to Bradley, as a fan, I would really like to thank him for taking the time to answer them whilst he was at the Sachsenring. Everybody at The Pit Crew Online wishes Bradley a speedy recover.

Neil Simmons

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