Q&A with Formula E driver – Oliver Turvey

Oliver Turvey is a British racing driver, who is currently driving for the Formula E team,NEXTEVTCR.Oliver was awarded with the McLaren Motorsport BRDC Award in 2006 and with Cambridge’s highest award “Full Moon” in 2008.

TPCO: Describe Nelson Piquet Jr. in three words

OT:“Fast, determined, racer.”

TPCO: What do you think has been the most challenging aspect of racing in Formula E?

OT: “Learning new circuits every weekend.”

TPCO: How often do you visit MTC these days and what’s your favourite thing about the place?

OT: “I am there most weeks when in the UK.The whole factory is an amazing place but I particularly like the boulevard with the historic and championship winning McLaren F1 cars on display.”

TPCO: LeMans is almost upon us, can you describe to us what you felt the moment you knew that the team would win in 2014?

OT: “Ahead of the final stint we were in P2 so I knew it would come down to my final stint in the car. After doing qualifying laps for a whole stint, I got us into the lead after the final pit stop by a matter of seconds ahead of the TDS car. I then managed to pull a20 second gap so realised then that we could win at Le Mans. It was super special to be able to cross the finish line as a winner at Le Mans, especially as a few days earlier I wasn’t even due to be there! It was one of the greatest moments in my career and I hope to be able to stand on the top step again.”

TPCO: In 2008, during your studies, you were awarded the Full Blue award from the University of Cambridge, was that the most important award for you?

OT: “It was very special to be awarded the first ever Full Blue for Motorsport from the University of Cambridge and I am very proud to have graduated with an Engineering degree whilst continuing my racing career. It was also very special to win the McLaren Autosport BRDC Young Driver of the Year award in 2006, due to the list of previous winners and for the prize test in Formula 1 with McLaren which went successfully and led to my role as test driver with the team.”

TPCO: What was the best moment in your career so far, and how did you celebrate it?

OT: “Winning the McLaren Autosport BRDC Award was one of the greatest moments in my career and along with the support of the Racing Steps Foundation allowed me to continue racing. In terms of races, winning at Monaco in World Series by Renault on my first ever time there was amazing, as was winning LMP2 at the Le Mans 24 Hours. I have celebrated all of them with close members of my family, friends and the team members that have made these achievements possible.”

TPCO: You have scored 10 points so far this season, do you think that you can score more points in London ePrix?

OT: “Yes, I am aiming to score more points in London and improve on our best result of the season.”

TPCO: Which is your favourite circuit?

OT: “My favourite circuit in the World is the street track in Macau. It’s fast, narrow, undulating and has a great flow!”

TPCO: How difficult is it to drive in LeMans 24-hour and how can you remain concentrated for so many hours especially during the night?

OT: “It’s a challenging race for the team and driver but as long as you prepare well and get enough rest then I feel I have been able to push flat out throughout all my stints – last year I completed over 12 hours of the race in our come back through the field after a technical issue in the first stint to take the fastest lap of the race and another podium.”

TPCO: Who is better at parallel parking between you and Nelson?

OT: “We’ve never had to parallel park but I did win a parking challenge in Japan at the end of last year so I fancy my chances!”

TPCO: Do you believe that other motorsport series, like F1 and WEC, should follow Formula E example and become more “green”?

OT: “I think that it is important for motorsport in general to be developing technology that will benefit everyone in the World and help to protect our environment.”

TPCO: In which series do you see yourself in three years?

OT: “I hope to be racing in the most competitive series’ in the World.”

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