British F3 – Kjaergaard: Win is the goal despite a damaged hand

Nicolai Kjaergaard overcame a possible broken hand to qualify fourth and keep his British F3 championship hopes alive at Silverstone.

However, Championship rival Linus Lundqvist is on pole and leads Kjaergaard by 50 points with just three races to go.

The Carlin racer has his work cut out but remains positive despite the circumstances.

“(On why his hand is in a cast) I had an accident yesterday and hit my hand on the steering wheel so there is a bit of difficulty holding onto the steering wheel but it’s not too bad as I could still manage fourth on the grid. The pain does sometimes take the focus away a little bit but I can still race.

“With my hand fourth isn’t too bad, with how everything is I could maybe have got third or second but pole was out of the question. But for the race I have to go for it, a win is the goal because we won’t be thinking about taking fourth or third.”

After qualifying was held in wet conditions, the first British F3 race of the weekend this afternoon looks set to be held in the dry and Kjaergaard feels that a change in weather could help his Carlin team.

“It’s difficult to say whether drier conditions will help us, we didn’t have a lot of dry running yesterday. It might serve us in that we’ve been fast in the wet and in the dry and we’ve been very quick since the summer. Some of the drivers that were faster in the wet might struggle in the dry and the other way round, so in that sense the change in conditions is probably good for us.”

And with very little to lose, he suggested that windy conditions will favour overtaking.

“It’s wide and there is quite a headwind going down the Hangar Straight which should help with a tow. If you can stay close enough to the car ahead you should be able to get close and drive past hopefully but it depends on how well you can follow.”

CREDIT: Jakob Ebery via British F3


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