World Women’s Day: Donna Marie, Deputy Editor

World Women’s Day

March 7, 2017


Donna Marie, deputy editor

When I was asked to write about myself for World Women’s Day I thought, “That’s an easy one!”—after all, I can be summed up in one word: lunatic!

I love F1 and DTM. Anything silly makes me laugh, and I am obsessed with minions; those little yellow guys never fail to make me laugh! I work in a coffee shop with two lovely guys (I had better say that in case they read this!). I am so lucky to love my job, and get to chat to all our lovely customers every day. I totally love animals: we have two cats and I also have a (very spoiled) dog that lives with my mum. I have been lucky enough to live in many different places including Ireland, Spain, and the Netherlands. My Spanish is pretty good but I don’t miss living there! I love cars and always have done. If I had to pick my top three cars, I guess they would be the BMW Isetta, Mercedes C63 AMG Black series, and the Bentley Continental GT.

I first got into F1 due to my dad and brother watching it and have been a long time supporter of Williams, but these days I’m more of a driver fan than a team fan. My all-time favourite driver is Ralf Schumacher; for the last few years I’ve supported Nico Rosberg but as he has left the building I have had to find a new driver to support in 2017, and after much deliberation I decided on Nico Hulkenberg: I’ve always thought he was a very underrated driver and a future world champion!

Besides motorsport I enjoy playing games—Lego Batman is my favourite at the moment. I’m a fan of NFL and support the Tennessee Titans, I love music and am slightly obsessed with Chad Kroeger’s voice! Nickelback is one of my favourite bands, but to be honest I like most music. I have way too many shoes, clothes, bags, hats, and scarves, I love crazy hats and can often be seen wearing an angry bird on my head—not a real bird of course, even I’m not that loopy…I think!

Oh, and I once dressed up as a banana!

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