PR: Ross Wylie to return to the Porsche Carrera Cup GB with In2Racing for 2019

Ross Wylie to return to the Porsche Carrera Cup GB with In2Racing for 2019

We are excited and proud to announce that Ross Wylie will join In2Racing and make a return to the Porsche Carrera Cup GB for the remaining 2 events of 2019 starting at Silverstone followed up by Brands Hatch in Mid-October.

The 28-year-old Scottish born racer from Dumfries last raced in Carrera Cup GB in 2017 with Slide Sport Racing finishing 10th overall.

Ross started his racing career in Scotland racing Mini Max Karts from the age of 13 years old with great success and numerous championships before moving up to racing Mini’s with Celtic Speed in 2012 with 6 podiums. In 2013 Ross would then move on to Volkswagen Racing Cup racing a Scirocco R-Cup car, but his big break would come in 2014 and the British GT, where he won the GT4 class with Andrew Howard’s Beechdean Motorsport in an Aston Martin Vantage with 6 podiums Inc. 3 wins – 2 poles, plus also becoming BRDC Rising Star.

Ross would carry on his success in the British GT for 2015 – 2016 racing in a McLaren for Von Ryan Racing and Motorbase Performance racing am Aston Martin Vantage GT3 and finishing in 5th place in the Gulf 12 hours behind the wheel of Porsche Cayman GT4. 2017 saw a change of direction for Ross and dove tailing 2 championships the Britcar endurance series and the Porsche Carrera Cup GB, he had great success in both series with 10 podiums – Inc. 4 wins in Britcar and finished 3rd in the Rookie Championship and also in the top ten overall in the Carrera Cup GB. Ross would carry on his winning ways in 2018 but this time with Ferrari and AF Corse racing Ferrari 458 GT3 claiming 13 class podiums and 4 class wins.

In 2019 would stay with FF Corse and race in the GT Cup Championship (GTC class) plus selected Britcar Endurance Championship races in the new and very powerful 488 challenge car.

Nick says “Ross is a highly respected driver whom I have wanted to run in our Porsche for a number of years to have him working alongside Peter Kyle-Henney for the last 2 rounds will be great”

Ross commented “I am really pleased to be joining the Carrera Cup GB grid again this weekend since my series debut in 2017. I have known Nick now for a number of years & its great to finally be going racing together, In2 have been around the Carrera Cup paddock for as long as I can remember & I have no doubt they will do a good job in giving me a quick race car”.

Walking The Monaco Grand Prix

There are so many memorable races at the Monaco Grand Prix it’s hard to pick a favourite to write about, so instead I’ll share with you the day I dragged my wife around the 2.075 mile circuit.

On arriving in Monaco you know you’re somewhere special. The shops are a Formula 1 junkie’s heaven. From model cars to watches, cufflinks to scarves it’s all there. Everywhere you look Formula 1 sponsors names adorn posters and shop windows, you can see Ferraris and people with team caps and shirts on.
If you have time a trip to HSH The Prince Of Monaco Collection Of Classic Cars is a must for any petrol head. They hold an impressive collection of vintage Monaco Grand Prix posters (I have indulged in a couple).

We started our walk by Casino Square: the Casino is open and quite a visit if you’re feeling lucky. From there you can walk down towards the previously named Loews hairpin, now called the Grand Hotel, a sharp left turn leading onto a right (Portier come race weekend, where Ayrton Senna famously crashed in 1988) and into the tunnel, possibly one of the most iconic stretches of race track in the world!

Through the underpass and the sound of the road cars amplified gave us some sense as to how the Formula 1 cars would sound. Unfortunately it’s something only drivers, marshals and the odd cameraman will ever truly experience.

Leaving the tunnel, the shock of daylight blinds you. Whilst our eyes adjust to the light and lungs breathed in some much needed fresh air, we strolled down, looking out at the yachts on the Mediterranean and the rich and famous on them. Onto the Nouvelle Chicane before the the left turn on Tabac, named after the tobacconist store there, the next landmark on the track is the swimming pool section (Piscine – French for pool), the pool is open to the public but you would have to check opening times.

Monaco Formula One Grand Prix at Circuit de Monaco on May 24, 2018 in Monte-Carlo, Monaco. (Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images)

We carry on walking in glorious sunshine, it’s getting rather hot now and my long suffering wife has to be bought off with a promise of Ice cream. We follow La Rascase round onto Anthony Noghes corner, whose idea it was to have a Grand Prix in Monaco. This takes us onto the start/finish straight (not that straight at all) then a right turn at Saint Devote takes us up the hill to Massanet and the Hotel De Paris before back to the icon of Motorsport, Casino Square, and the promised ice cream. I have to finish by thanking my wife Joanne for indulging my passion for Formula One, although it has it’s perks, a nice trip to Monaco and an ice cream can’t be bad. Can it?

MONTE-CARLO, MONACO – MAY 24: (EDITORS NOTE: Image was created using a variable planed lens.) Daniel Ricciardo of Australia driving the (3) Aston Martin Red Bull Racing RB14 TAG Heuer on track during practice for the Monaco Formula One Grand Prix at Circuit de Monaco on May 24, 2018 in Monte-Carlo, Monaco. (Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images)

By Simon Tassie

ThePitCrewOnline Exclusive: Louise McGrath for International Women’s Day 2019

International Womens Day gives us the opportunity to pause for a moment and appreciate just how far we have come and the wonderful progress that’s been made in the last few years towards encouraging more women to join the world of motorsport.

It’s a chance to recognise those who have been leading the way before us and defying all the odds in what has long been a male dominated industry. As women we too have just as much to offer the industry we love so much. We thank the women who came before us, who knew the challenges they were facing but did it anyway. There are now remarkable women throughout all corners of the industry from engineering to hospitality, from the pitlane to the factory, breaking down stereotypes and encouraging others to do the same.

As a 44yr old wife and mother of three children, I never dreamed I’d start working on a project within the realms of Formula 1, let alone doing it alongside my 18 year old daughter Rachel. She is obsessed with F1 and like me, has followed the sport for as long as she can remember. I think it may have begun when she realised she shared her birthday with Lewis Hamilton! She is gifted in maths and is the only person I know who gets genuinely excited at complex equations! From around 11 years of age, she started to become aware that she could take her love of maths and apply it to the sport. She began to research people like Adrian Newey, to understand the study path he had taken, to try and figure out how to become an aerodynamicist.

We spent hours, days and months on a quest for knowledge but the information was so hard to find. All the careers advisors we spoke to either didn’t take Rachel seriously about wanting to be a motorsport engineer due to her young age and gender, or just didn’t have a clue what an aerodynamicist was! It was a stressful time not only because information and understanding was so lacking, but she was trying to make the right study decisions that she knew would impact her future.

We eventually stumbled upon something called Dare to be Different (D2BD), which is an initiative founded by Susie Wolff and the Motorsport Association to encourage more girls to consider a career in motorsport. D2BD has a group of ambassadors from all across the world of motorsport – from journalists like Rosanna Tennant and Senior Strategy Engineers like Ruth Buscombe, to inspirational drivers like Nathalie McGloin and Maria Costello MBE. These women who have come before us are really leading the way in helping girls to realise that they can make their own unique mark in this exciting and rewarding industry.

D2BD gives us access to a supportive Facebook group of likeminded girls, and the ability to attend networking events where we can meet the D2BD Ambassadors. These meet-ups are always inspirational and you go home feeling like anything is possible! It’s thanks to initiatives like D2BD that girls are beginning to see a career in motorsport as an equal opportunity from a young age and are more willing and able to follow this passion growing up, just like Rachel has.

Being a part of the Dare to be Different community really inspired us and gave us the confidence to see our own project to fruition. We really wanted to help those students still in school and college who were struggling like Rachel, to make it easier for them to find the information about study paths into the world of Formula 1. On our journey we’d learned not just about study options, but about things like the importance of hobbies and work experience, networking and cv building, and all the events and opportunities up and down the UK that not many people know about! And so the idea of Formula Careers was born, a website to house all the information that a student would need to give them the best chance of working in F1.

No-one can predict the path that will lead to that dream job, sometimes it twists and turns in unexpected ways you could never imagine, and so it’s always best to stay flexible. But at least if we can give students a good foundation to work with, they will be more confident in the decisions they make for the future. We want students to realise they are not alone, that we know it’s a difficult and stressful time, that there’s help and support there if they need it from people who understand. To realise that they can take the gifts they have and match them up to the industry that they love!

Being able to speak with the D2BD Ambassadors was really important to us, and so we tried to figure out a way to do that for others and bring students closer to those already working in the roles they dream of. Myself and Rachel set about contacting and persuading as many people as we could from the world of F1 to share their own stories about how they got into the industry. We know these little case studies will really inspire the next generation and show them that with dedication, self belief and passion, it really is possible to have a career in Formula 1.

Formula Careers gives us the opportunity to make our own contribution to the world of F1, so if we can do it then anybody can! It has been an absolute delight to be able to work with my daughter on something we are mutually passionate about. It’s not only brought us closer together, but given us the opportunity to create relationships with key people in the industry. I think people are surprised that we are a mother and daughter team, but I think that makes our project stand out in a good way!

We still get the occasional strange glance when we tell people what we are doing because many still see it as a male dominated industry! But each conversation is a chance to educate others on the exciting changes happening for women in motorsport. It’s thanks to initiatives like Dare to be Different and the amazing, brave women who have come before us that we can move forward with confidence and achieve our own career goals.

On International Women’s Day, we are reminded that all things are possible, and that no matter our circumstances we have the ability to go out and make our dream careers happen.

2018 – Race Report #07 It’s seven in a row for Smidl

2018 – Race Report #07 It’s seven in a row for Smidl

Prague, Czech Republic: Predator’s Michal Smidl can’t be stopped as he wins seven from seven at Bahrain International Circuit. The result means Smidl has not only won all seven races this year, but also has qualified on pole position in all seven races, too. Stefanko and Dolezal completed the podium in one of this season’s most craziest of races.

Dolezal gave qualifying a good go setting a 1:49:833, but it was Smidl that once again took pole position having set a lap only 0.082 seconds quicker than the SECCO+ driver. Stefanko and Blazek qualified third and fourth, with Sykora slotting into fifth. Despite penalties, Polesny and Chlebec are sixth and seventh. Zoubek is eighth, whilst Honizk and Prochazka round out the top ten. Lukas and Kostialik complete the back row.

For round seven of the 2018 Virtual GP Championship we return to Sakhir, Bahrain. Designed by Hermann Tilke, the Formula One purpose-built circuit was constructed in 2004 just in time for its initial Grand Prix. Since then it has hosted various series’ from GP2 (F2) to GT to Speedcar.

At the green flag, the leading four fought side-by-side on the run down to the first corner. With Blazek darting up the inside and Stefanko running around the outside, Dolezal was demoted from second to fourth. But as turn four came into sight, Dolezal slotted his SECCO+ on the inside and took back third place from Stefanko.

Turn 11 was next to cause havoc, with Sykora darting to the outside to avoid hitting the rear of Zoubek. The Avast pilot was defending off Chlebec who had previously had an off-track slip up. With the rear kicking out, Zoubek skidded through the corner and lost a handful of places in the process; as did Sykora, who as aforementioned ran around the outside of the corner, but ultimately ended up ploughing through the gravel.

Behind Smidl, a form of cars begun to form behind Blazek in second place with Dolezal and Stefanko looking for a way passed. With Chlebec and Honzik catching the trio, it was crucial for some early overtakes. With three cars abreast running through turns two and three, Dolezal was the one to make a move stick to promote himself into second place. Behind this trio, Honzik got passed Chlebec for fifth.

A good run out of the final corner allowed Stefanko to tuck in behind Blazek and glide passed the Lenovo Legion driver on the run down to the first corner. As drivers started diving into the pits to make their tyre changes, a slow stop for Dolezal allowed Stefanko to move up to second.

With the race falling heading into the final quarter, the battle for fourth between Blazek, Honzik and Chlebec ignited. Having two and sometimes three-car wide tussles for position, it was Chlebec who came out on top with the remaining two running wide and into the path of Zoubek. The trio of Honzik, Zoubek and Blazek all came together at turn ten with all drivers fortunately able to continue.

A mistake from Blazek meant that Honzik could tuck in behind and after a good run out of the final corner, the two went side by side down the main straight. Shortly behind lurked Polesny, who was one of two drivers on the soft tyre. After a few failed lunges on the main straight, it got much worse for Honzik, who by trying to sneak fifth place had lost a place to Polesny after running wide at turn one.

On the penultimate lap, the mentioned trio were back at it again, scrapping for fifth place. With Polesny ahead of Blazek on the main straight, the Predator driver ran slightly wide around the outside of turn one allowing Blazek to fight back. Despite holding the inside line of turn two, Polesny ran slightly wide once again for Blazek to draw alongside; but as the duo raced wheel-to-wheel through the turns five, six and seven complex, Polesny remained ahead. But last lap chaos caused Polesny to run wide allowing Blazek and Honzik to move up a place.

At the flag it was Smidl who took his seventh win of the season ahead of Stefanko and Dolezal. After some early madness, Chlebec was fourth, with Blazek an Honzik ending up in fifth and sixth. Sykora and Zoubek were seventh and eighth, while Polesny – who seemingly ran out of fuel at the very end – could only manage ninth. Kostialik, Prochazka and Lukas complete the order.

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Race Replay (EN)

Current standings – About Mercedes-Benz Virtual GP 2018 –

2018 – Race Report #08 Smidl and Stefanko battle it out in Austin

2018 – Race Report #08

Smidl and Stefanko battle it out in Austin

Prague, Czech Republic: Michal Smidl and Martin Stefanko went head-to-head in a nail-biting race at Circuit of The Americas. Smidl took his eighth win of the season, whilst Dolezal was best of the rest in third.

The two F1 esports finalists topped the timing sheets, with Smidl edging out Stefanko by four tenths. Dolezal and Polesny took the second row, whilst Blazek set a time fit for fifth. Honzik and Chlebec start sixth and seventh with Prochazka and Kostialik behind. Basko steps in for Zoubek and qualified in tenth, Sykora with his penalty and Lukas complete the order.

Round eight of the 2018 Mercedes-Benz Virtual GP Championship saw the racers take on the Circuit of The Americas (COTA) in Austin, Texas. Purpose-built for Formula One in 2012, the track has since hosted various series including the World Endurance Championship, American Le Mans and Australian V8 Supercars.

It was a clean start for the pack as the green light was shown, with Smidl maintaining the lead ahead of Stefanko. But despite starting the race in eleventh, Sykora had moved up to sixth by turn six.

Honzik was the first to start making moves, by late braking into turn twelve to bump passed Kostialik for seventh place. At the back of the pack, Basko ran wide at the same corner.

A few laps later, disaster struck for Polesny as the Predator pilot got into a spin and plummeted down the order into eleventh.

He wasn’t the only driver to enter a spin as moments later the Vodafone of Prochazka was spotted losing the rear and spinning at turn 11.

Chlebec with the switch back takes Sykora at turn twelve but Sykora fights back and snatched the inside of turn 16 to take back sixth place.

Meanwhile Stefanko had caught up to Smidl and the battle intensified for the lead. After multiple laps nose to tail, Stefanko finally dived to the inside of turn one, but the ROG pilot ran deep and locked up allowing Smidl to retain the lead.

Braking too late into turn 16 sent Honzik straight into Blazek, which ultimately then spun around the Lenovo Legion driver. However just a few corners later, the Thrustmaster pilot yielded back fourth position.

Mercedes-Benz Virtual GP


Smidl took the race win despite race long pressure from Stefanko. Dolezal finished third in best of the rest. Blazek and Honzik went across the line in fourth and fifth place. Chlebec ended up in sixth. In seventh and eighth was Kostialik and Basko. Sykora and Prochazka completed the top ten, leaving Lukas out of the points. Polesny was the only retirement.

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Race Replay (EN)

2018 – Race Report #09 Smidl crowned champion in Silverstone.

2018 – Race Report #09 Smidl crowned champion in Silverstone

Prague, Czech Republic: Untouchable Michal Smidl (Predator) won nine from nine in Silverstone and became the 2018 Mercedes-Benz Virtual GP Champion. Martin Stefanko (ROG) and Andrej Chlebec (Alza Gaming) joined in his celebrations to round out the podium places.

It was business as usual for Smidl who took pole position, two tenths ahead of ROG driver Stefanko. Chlebec was sixth tenths adrift securing third place ahead of Honzik. Polesny and Blazek complete the third row whilst Kostialik lines up alongside Sykora on the fourth row. Reigl stepped in for Dolezal at SECCO+ and qualified in ninth ahead of Lukas in tenth and Zoubek in eleventh. Prochazka could not participate in the race due to the technical issues.

Often renowned as the home of Grand Prix racing, Silverstone is located in Northampton in the United Kingdom. Built on the site of a World War 2 Royal Air Force bomber station, its three airfield runways lie in a triangular shape surrounding the race circuit. The site was first used for racing in the 40s but it wasn’t until 1950 where it hosted the first ever World Championship Grand Prix under the European GP.

Silverstone is the perfect venue to host the first of four races with the new Formula hybrids, F1-spec 2017 cars. At the green light it was a clean start for the pack who all made it through Abbey unscathed. However disaster struck at Village as Sykora knocks the rear of Blazek sending the LYNX pilot into a spin and blocking off the middle of the track forcing the rest of the field to take evasive action.

Meanwhile Blazek slung his Lenovo Legion around the outside of Luffield to take fifth place from Polesny.

A good exit out of Chapel brought Sykora on the tail of both Zoubek and Lukas and the trio headed down the Hangar Straight three cars abreast. With Zoubek coming out on top by shooting around the outside of Stowe and Sykora slotting up the inside, Lukas was demoted to tenth.

Kostialik faced a moment of panic having to defend off Zoubek, who lightly hit the Xiaomi driver into turn four. Even with the knock, Kostialik charged down the Hangar Straight in front and despite the two-battling side by side through Brooklands and Luffield, Kostialik held on to seventh place.

Mercedes-Benz Virtual GP


However the aforementioned battle had allowed Sykora to catch up. As Zoubek ran wide at Copse, Sykora was gifted seventh place and slotted into the slipstream of Kostialik before ducking to the inside of Maggots where the two made contact sending the latter into a spin.

Down the Hangar Straight Zoubek fought back at Sykora but running around the outside of Stowe, the LYNX driver held on. A flick of the rear then sent Zoubek off at Vale marginally missing Sykora; but unfortunately the spin dropped him from eighth to last.

After all the pit stops had been done, Polesny was on a charge on fresh super soft tyres and soon the ten second margin to Blazek had all but gone by lap 23. As the duo battled side by side through Brooklands, Luffield, Woodcote and through Copse, it was Polesny who came out on top, stealing fifth place with two laps to go.

But the checkered flag was shown, crowning Smidl the 2018 champion. Stefanko came across the line in second ahead of Chlebec in third. Honzik had a quiet race in fourth, as opposed to Polesny who ended up in fifth ahead of Blazek in sixth. Sykora and Kostialik were seventh and eighth. Reigl and Lukas complete the order as Zoubek retired and Prochazka did not start.

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Race Replay (EN)


2018 – Race Report #03 Laguna Seca

2018 – Race Report #03 Laguna Seca can’t stop Smidl

Prague, Czech Republic: The seemingly unstoppable Michal Smidl took his third consecutive win of the season. Finishing over twelve seconds ahead of the rest, the championship leader has scored 77 out of the possible 78 points.

Predator’s Smidl was on pole by just 0.002 seconds from Martin Stefanko in ROG. Michal Blazek lined up in third place alongside Petr Dolezal in fourth. Andrej Chlebec and Vojtech Polesny locked out the third row of the grid, while Jan Sykora and Martin Kostialik were behind. Jaroslav Honzik and Tomas Prochazka slotted into ninth and tenth with Petr Zoubek and Robin Lukas completing qualifying.

For the first time in its history, Virtual GP enters American soil. For the penultimate round of the GTs, the VGP grid face the legendary Laguna Seca in California, before it heads back to the States on 18 August, where the prototypes will take on Austin.

It was a clean start for leaders, with Blazek moving up to second. However, towards the back of the field the spinning LYNX car of Sykora shook up the order.

With the pack close together, contact was inevitable and as Chlebec ran wide, Lukas and Dolezal came together. The impact sent the SECCO+ driver way down the field and out of position.

The rear of the pack provided some of the best racing we have seen all season. Down in ninth place, Dolezal begun his charge back up the order by bumping passed Zoubek for eighth.

Swinging through turns one, two and three, Sykora and Lukas battled side-by-side at the back of the field. Sykora, trying to recover from his earlier spin, threw one up the inside of the corkscrew, and despite the initial contact the VGP veteran came out ahead.

At the front, Smidl had already pulled away with a comfortable gap. Blazek in second place, however, was heavily defending off last years’ champion, Stefanko. Lap after lap, Stefanko tried to throw his ROG around the inside and then the outside of turn one to get passed. Chlebec in fourth was catching.

Having got passed a few at the back, Dolezal was coming back through the order and as Kostialik ran wide, Dolezal moved up to seventh.

Mercedes-Benz Virtual GP


With Chlebec now on the back of Stefanko and Polesny joining the train of cars for the second, the pressure was on Blazek. And in the background, Dolezal swooped passed Honzik for sixth, meaning the LYNX driver could now catch up to the frontrunners.

As the clock counted down to the final minutes, Blazek ran wide at the entry of the corkscrew allowing Stefanko to finally get passed. Chlebec was right on his tail but ultimately unable to capitalise on the mistake.

Under pressure, Chlebec threw his Alza Gaming car up the inside of the final corner, but Blazek was wise to the move and retained third place. Disaster struck for Chlebec as a mistake running wide at the corkscrew let through Polesny for fifth; and Dolezal’s last lap charge allowed the SECCO+ to catch up and glide passed, dropping Chlebec from fourth to sixth.

Smidl wins by twelve seconds securing 77 out of a possible 78 points. Stefanko secures his first podium of the season, while Blazek completes the top three. Polesny finishes in fourth, while Dolezal ends up in fifth. Chlebec crossed the line in sixth with Honzik in seventh. Kostialik, Zoubek and Sykora round out the top ten; Prochazka and Lukas complete the order.

Join us next time, for the final round of the GTs at Brands Hatch, can Smidl make it four from four?

2018 – Race Report #02 – Smidl wins an action-packed Macau

Prague, Czech Republic: Championship leader, Michal Smidl completed the hattrick by dancing in between the narrow, twisty streets of Macau. Petr Dolezal and Michal Blazek avoided early drama to join the Predator driver on the podium.

Smidl took back-to-back pole positions ahead of Martin Stefanko in second and team-mate Vojtech Polesny in third. Petr Dolezal was fourth, for the second time in a row, while Jan Sykora was fifth. Andrej Chlebec and Michal Blazek were sixth and seventh respectively, as Tomas Prochazka and Martin Kostialik took eighth and ninth. Robin Lukas and Pavel Reigl completed the order.

Petr Zoubek and Jaroslav Honzik missed the round while Reigl stood in for the latter.

The first race at Macau was held in 1954 as a sportscar event, however, it has since become the only street circuit to hold both car and motorcycle competitions. With its high-speed straights and tight, twisty corners, the Mercedes-AMG GT3 cars were put to the test.

As the five lights dropped and the cars made their way to the first corner, debris flew through their air and a number of cars brushed the barriers. With Polesny and Sykora both having a spin, the full course yellow (FCY) was brought out.

Amid the drama, Dolezal climbed up to second.

At the restart, Blazek flew past Stefanko on the inside of turn three. The ROG driver came back at the Lenovo Legion, but clipped the wall on the exit of turn one losing a place to Prochazka.

Having just lost a place to the incoming Chlebec, Lukas and Reigl made contact at turn 17 which dropped the SanDisk driver from seventh to last, within the blink of an eye.

Stefanko, seemingly under some pressure, clattered into the wall around the Mandarin Bend and dropped further down the order.

Macau was proving a tough challenge for the sim racers. As the half way point came to view Reigl, bounced off the wall at the final corner before kissing the wall at the exit of turn one while defending Polesny. Ultimately for the newbie, the loss of momentum dropped him behind the train of cars and last of the runners.