The Scent Of Dreams

It was as I watched the closing laps of the 24 Hours of Dubai, with the eclectic mix of amateur drivers and professionals from a broad series of racing, that I began to imagine the dreams and aspirations of the men and women who will be hurtling round a circuit near you.

We all have dreams and ambitions. Some of these can be quite simple and incorporate every day life. Other dreams are on a different, some will have you think unachievable, level. It is that last word that defines the ‘can-do’s’ from the ‘self-doubters’. I am quite vocal on the point of distancing yourself from those types of people who say a dream is unachievable. The only person who can make that dream come true or not is you.

Motor racing is full of dreams. to get on that kart track for the first time. To step up into a junior formula. Attract the attention of those who can progress a career. Finish that race. Get in the points. Step on the podium. Win that race. Lift that championship trophy. Become a world champion.

These are the kind of dreams that racers, the world over, of different ages in a variety of series are mulling over right now.

Yes, everyday in the racing family from teams, to drivers, to media personnel and fans, we all know full well that money and importantly sponsorship plays a huge part in achieving dreams. To attract that lucrative offering of backing, first you must have talent and a big ingredient of talent is ambition. It is what drives (excuse the pun) a racer. Without that hunger to succeed, the desire to be the best they can, to enjoy moments that many of us mere mortals can only imagine. That is the key.

So, as we all sit here, gazing at the racing calendar with excited glee, there are those chosen few who are also thumbing their way down the calendar with an equally excited feeling in the pit of their stomachs. They will be stepping out living their dream and in a quaint twist of solidarity, they are taking us with them on their journey, so we can live it too.

The fact is, as fans, we do live it, breathe the atmosphere and taste every emotion our favoured heroes encounter because they live the dream most of us were unable to conquer. This is the start of the dream, a beginning to the ambition which will last all season (for some).

Wafting through the air is the scent of dreams because these racers never believed it was out of reach and they refused to let doubters dampen their spirit.

Good luck to every single racer, in every single series who steps out on the fabled tarmac of every circuit in the world.

Please come back safely so we can continue to live this dream with you once more.

Neil Simmons

Twitter: @world_racing

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