Dear F1 Santa

It’s almost Christmas, so I decided to send a letter to my dear friend Santa Claus! Enjoy!

Dear Santa (a.k.a. Bernie)

I was a good editor this season and I hope that this Christmas you will visit my desk at the crew towers.

I don’t want something expensive or very complicated for present this year, I wish to bring me a more interesting and exciting 2017 F1 season.

Next year, many new rules will be applied in Formula 1. The aesthetics of the cars will be different, more aggressive, the wings will be wider, the cars will become lighter and the tyres will also be wider than this years.

FIA believes that next year’s cars will be faster by three seconds and that it won’t be necessary to increase my TV’s or laptop’s volume in order to hear the noise of the F1 cars.

I agree that all these changes will improve the sport, but Santa the fans want to see wheel to wheel battles, different winners in almost every race and at least three or four different drivers ready to fight for the title until the end of the season.

By changing the rules doesn’t mean that F1 will become as it used to be. Formula 1 is not the sport that only one team dominates and win 19 of the 21 races of the season and where only two drivers from the same team fight for the title.

Please, Santa can you bring back the sport which we loved?

P.S. I was wondering if Channel 4 or Sky could hire Button, Massa and Rosberg as commentators.

Yours sincerely,

Victor Archakis

(Image Courtesy of North Pole)

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