Mexican Grand Prix, Hot and Chili


I had to drink many cervezas and eat tacos to stay awake during the Mexican Grand Prix. The only positive think was the atmosphere from the crowd. Once again, the Mexicans showed how passionate are with Formula 1.

From the other hand, FIA proved again that they don’t want to make the sport interesting and increase the attendance in every race.

Classic Scenario

The scenario of the race was the same with the previous races. The two Mercedes were unstoppable, the only thing that matters is who will get the pole and who will lead the race after the first few laps. It is a battle between Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton.

Behind the two Mercedes, there is a battle for the third place between Red Bull Racing and Ferrari. That is not happening very often, only when Ferrari selects the right strategy and don’t ruin their drivers’ race.

Further, behind there is usually a battle for the tenth place, where many drivers want to score a point and finish in the top 10.

McLaren is the only team which sometimes makes the difference and finish in the top 10 like they did in the American Grand Prix.

Food for thought

After the race, I was trying to think what to write about the race because I had to write a review of the Mexican Grand Prix. After a while I decided not to write about Vettel, Ricciardo, and Verstappen, they were by far too many reports about them on the web.

Hence, I took the decision to express my anger on FIA and give some food for thought.

I have only one question for Charlie and Bernie, why they don’t just replace drivers with robots?

It will be exactly the same, and let the drivers to race from their homes. There are so many rules that they don’t allow to the drivers to express their skills and drive as they want. It is a joke after almost every incident to see a message at the bottom of my screen which says, “The incident between the drivers is under investigation”.

Last week a new “under breaking” rule made its debut in COTA. It is ridiculous, if you don’t agree with Verstappen’s move, simply punish him after the race and explain to him that what he did it was very dangerous and it could harm Kimi Raikkonen or any other driver.

You don’t have to apply a new rule for everything. I understand that Max is too young and his brain is above his head, but to set new rules for every incident is not the solution.

Also, it is not necessary to punish with no reason other drivers in order to support the new rule which FIA applied a week earlier.

The sport is going down, and we must do something. It is very sad to see a sport which I loved not to be as it used to be. To pray for rain during a race, to make it more interesting or a mistake from the pit crew during a pit-stop.

I am close to forgetting what “racing incident” means.

It is sad to wait for next season, and hope that because of the new rules the balances will change.

At this point, I want to add, that I want the drivers to race and fight each other under logical conditions. Not to harm each other. But I believe that the majority of them are capable drives and can achieve that.

Next Grand Prix will take place in Brazil, which is one of my favorite circuits. I hope that we will see something different for the teams.

Victor Archakis F1 Editor

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(Image Courtesy of Pirelli F1 Media)

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