Basildon Bullet Buchan Back on Beloved MSS Kawasaki with Tsingtao Racing

After a shock departure from the Moto Rapido Ducati Team, Danny Buchan wasn’t travelling to the job centre for very long, as he rejoined Tsingtao Racing, run by Dave Tyson, who took the former BSB podium finisher to his National Superstock 1000 title in 2014. I caught up with Dave to see how the team are after a recent two-day test at Cadwell Park, Lincolnshire.

“2014 was the last time we worked together. It was like the old days; he was smiling and full of banter but when the helmet goes on he gets serious”, said Tyson, who took Buchan to his dominant Superstock 1000 championship. “I think we can do a good job and certainly, a strong points haul is the plan. Times at the test were strong. We will stay on the older machine, the times he did at the test were very similar to last year’s qualifying; I think he could be competitive at one of his favourite circuits”.

“I have a great relationship with him and his family so he’s really easy to work with. Let’s see what changes when it gets serious, our previous experience helps, it’s like he’s never been away really!”

I then went on to ask Dave about how he thinks Danny’s addition to the team will affect the team’s resources. “It won’t change anything, MSS Performance are just as much a part of the team as we are; they do a great job helping us with technical support and analysis. Without Nick, Jebb and the guys we wouldn’t be able to do what we are doing”.

When asked about Danny’s future beyond this season at the team, team owner Tyson said “Who knows. We aren’t 100% certain what we as a team will be doing next season, and without doubt Danny will be looking for a top ride. Let’s see what the final few rounds produce and we can take it from there, but for sure it would be a pleasure to work with Danny”.

“The main sponsors of the team are Tsingtao, who are more than happy to have Danny on board, given our success together two years ago. MSS Performance are an important part of it too. We are still working on bringing on board new sponsors to help with the Superbike project we are embarking on”.

Then, we discussed how things are going in the Superstock 600 class and Supersport series. “Scott’s riding really well and finally the bike is competitive. Supersport is very frustrating. We have a bike capable of winning but with no long term rider (Jake Dixon left the team earlier in the season). We had a test with Luke Jones but he’s using his own triumph, so we are still looking for a top rider. We spoke to Brad Ray but he’s happy where he’s at”.

I put Dave on the spot and asked him to put a name on the BSB trophy and he simply said, “It’s hard to see past Shakey. The team are working so hard to try and deliver and the results show that it’s working”.

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