F1 Fantasy League Rules & Scoring

Welcome to The Pit Crew Online 2017 F1 Fantasy League.

In this post I will inform you of the very simple rules and how you score throughout the season.

You will choose a team and make predictions, these will score you accumulative points over the course of the season (any players of fantasy football leagues will understand this).

Firstly, what you will be choosing.

Before the first race of the season you will email your team and predictions using the form attached to the F1 Group to pitcrewfantasyleague@gmail.com and now I will explain how you pick your teams and make your predictions. Alternatively email and I will send you the simple entry form.


You are allowed to pick 6 drivers from any team, but you are NOT allowed to pick two drivers from the same team. This is your racing team. If you think by picking the top drivers you are guaranteed top points, think again and see HOW YOU SCORE later in this post.


On the form you will be asked to predict finishing places 1st-10th in order (the official championship points scoring positions).

HOW YOU SCORE (or don’t score in some cases)

– Qualifying: A driver gets points where he finishes in qualifying so for example Pole = 20pts, 2nd = 19pts, 3rd = 18pts…….all the way down to 20th = 1pt. **Please note it is where they start on the grid and not where they qualify that counts – penalties taken into consideration**

– Any driver who finishes in the championship scoring points position will recive those official FIA points (1st = 25pts, 2nd = 18pts, 3rd = 15pts, 4th = 12pts, 5th = 10pts, 6th = 8pts, 7th = 6pts, 8th = 4pts, 9th = 2pts and 10th = 1pt).

– A driver will get 5 points for every place they make up from their starting position to their finishing position. For example, if Pascal Wehrlein started 20th and finished 12th, he has made up 8 places and therefore receive 40 points (8 places x 5 points per place).

– For a driver who starts on pole and wins the race you will receive 20 points.

– If a driver in your team gets pole postion in qualifying you will receive 10 points.

– If a driver in your team sets the fastest lap you will receive 10 points

– If any driver in your team receives a penalty (pre-race or during race), retires or crashes out of the race you will be deducted 20 points per penalty. (if there is a post race penalty to be carried to next race then this will be shown after the next Grand Prix).

– Predictions: You will have predicted positions 1st – 10th and for each position you predict correctly you will receive the official FIA Championship points for that position (as mentioned above).


On the form provided you will choose your bonus circuit. This will DOUBLE your points for that Grand Prix weekend. You may wish to choose your bonus circuit based on your drivers in your team (to suit their driving style) or you may wish to just select your favourite track. The choice is yours.

TEAM CHANGES (or tokens)

As with F1 teams allocated engine tokens for the season, the same can be said for this fantasy league. You are only allowed to make 10 team or prediction changes for the entire season. Once you have used up your allocated 10 tokens, you are unable to make any further changes. When wishing to make a change at all, you will email me with your team name to pitcrewfantasyleague@gmail.com I will check this before every Grand Prix, all changes must be made prior to the green light going on for qualifying of a Grand Prix or they will not count for that race – So choose wisely.

As you can see from the points scoring system above, sometimes it is not choosing the best drivers in the best cars which gets you points. Reliability is the key.

THAT my team principals are the rules and how you score. The results after every Grand Prix will be posted on this page.

Good luck.

What are you waiting for, go do some pre-season testing.

See you at the chequred flag.

Neil Simmons

Twitter: @world_racing

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