Red Bull Racing Week – the quiz

Welcome to your Red Bull Week Quiz

How many victories did Daniel Ricciardo take during his first Red Bull season?

Where in the UK are Red Bull Racing based?

How many Dutchmen have driven for Red Bull?

Which team did Red Bull takeover in 2004 ahead of their debut year in 2005?

Where and when was Mark Webber’s first ever Grand Prix victory?

Who took Red Bull’s first ever victory at the 2009 Chinese Grand Prix?

Who won first? Red Bull Racing or Scuderia Toro Rosso?

Red Bull have won the same amount of World Drivers’ and Constructors Championships. How many of each have they won?

Who did Sebastian Vettel replace mid-season in 2007 at Toro Rosso?

Where was Red Bull’s first ever podium?

In which year did Adrian Newey join Red Bull from McLaren?

Where was Mark Webber “not bad for a number two driver.”?

Which of these three drivers did not form part of their first driver line-up?

The infamous Multi 21 incident took place at the 2013 Malaysian Grand Prix, but at which previous Grand Prix did Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel famously collide while Red Bull teammates?

Who finished second in the World Drivers’ Championship to Sebastian Vettel in both 2010 and 2012?

#FerrariWeek – The quiz

Welcome to your Ferrari Week Quiz

Who won their first WDC driving a Ferrari F1 car?

How many teams have used Ferrari engines? (1950-2017)

What was Ferrari's worst finish in the constructors championship?

How many wins has Ferrari scored in Italy?

How many races did Michael Schumacher win for Scuderia Ferrari?

How many consecutive constructors championship have Ferrari won in a row? (Their longest streak)

How many Finns have raced in Ferrari colours?

What driver has spent the most seasons driving for Ferrari?

What was Ferrari's first race in F1?

During which race did Rob Smedley say to Felipe Massa the legendary quote 'Fernando is faster than you'?

During which season and at what race did Ferrari score their first one-two podium?

Mercedes Week – The quiz

How good do you know Mercedes F1 history? Check it out and share with us your result!

Welcome to your Mercedes Week Quiz

How many drivers have became the world champion in Mercedes colours?

During which season & at what race did Mercedes take their first ever win?

After what accident did the team withdraw from the sport?

In what race did Michael Schumacher take the last pole position of his career?

Since what year is Toto Wolf the head of motorsport for Mercedes Benz?

In 2009 Mercedes purchased a team, which team was it?

In which year did Mercedes manage 11 one-two finishes?

In what season did Mercedes return to F1?

What is popular nickname for the Mercedes F1 cars?

In 1994 Mercedes came back to F1 as an engine manufacturer. What team did Mercedes supply?


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