Joshua Kinroy : A friend, a fighter & top bloke

Not many people knew Josh, Josh was a quiet person almost shy at times. But he was funny, and could have a laugh with everyone he ever spoke to. Now that Josh has sadly passed away, myself and many others, not to forget his loved ones, family & friends will miss him so much.

I first spoke to Josh on twitter, probably 2011 if my memory recalls. As he was Jenson Button fan, and McLaren fan. He was always so funny to make a joke and join in with the rest of us. At this point I didn’t know about his condition, which is Muscular Dystrophy. He covered it up, didn’t tell anyone until he felt it was right to do so.

We had so many group chats on twitter where he was mostly found, general F1 banter chat and then the Pitcrew Online 2000 (now The Pitcrew Online) he joined myself to do F1 BTCC, and again we didn’t know of his condition. So he would struggle and we would help. Then he finally told me, he felt better for telling us. And we helped him as much as we could. Josh felt it was right to leave us, but we always stayed in contact.

Me and Josh, especially me and him always DM’d one another about F1, general news & topics. He’d have his low days, I would tell him it will get better. And he always kept on smiling whatever the issue was. It wasn’t until late last year when he started having problems. He had an operation, which was to help him move better (from memory) which improved his quality of life.

Josh never ever wanted sympathy for his condition, he just carried on a normal life. Always interacting with everyone on Twitter etc he was such a down to earth person, funny and tough. Many people didn’t know Josh like I did. And for the years I knew him he wouldn’t become just some follower, he was my friend.

I didn’t realise how badly Josh must have deteriorated this year, as he was seriously not well. And now looking back, I feel awful I wasn’t there for my friend, he was always rock solid. I feel bad that he couldn’t tell me he wasn’t ok, and I feel bad that overlooked him & that I wasn’t there for him to talk to. I should have seen his twitter that he wasn’t tweeting as much.

One thing you can’t take for granted is life itself. One minute it’s there and the next it’s not. There’s a huge void in my life know without Josh, we stayed up till stupid o’clock discussing everything you can imagine. He was just like me and you, his condition didn’t stop him doing what he loved which was Formula 1, McLaren, Jenson Button, Daniel Ricciardo, Toro Rosso & Moto GP.

Josh was always the first person to make a joke in bad situations, he could break the ice when no one else could. He just perked everyone up when the mood was a little glum. He could do that, no matter what he was dealing with, he put that to one side and just made everything better or less awkward.

I urge you all to remember that twitter is sometimes the only place people can be themselves and hide away the pain they face on a daily basis. If someone needs a chat or anything just say “hey wanna talk? Am happy to talk!” It will go far, they’ll feel better about themselves also. Josh did, and I did. I gained a friend, and he’ll always be here no matter.

For Josh, I know you’re in a far better place now and it’s always going to hurt that you won’t be around on my feed or messages & phone. I feel for your family, your friends. You was such an inspiration and you fought so hard, you won’t be forgotten ever. Thank you for the memories, laughter & banter we had on group chats via the pitcrew and other places, you’ll be sorely missed mate.

I’d like to thank The Pit Crew, my former team for allowing me to do this tribute for Josh. We had many laughs in the chat! If you would like to donate to the Muscular Dystrophy you can click here.
Muscular ardystrophy.

Mark Whitelegge

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