#SFIWeek – The Quiz

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Sahara Force India Week
#SFIWeek – The Quiz

May 29, 2017



Would you like to win Sahara Force India and Hype Energy goodies? Just enter our quiz. Email us (TPCOquizes@gmail.com) In the topic write ‘#SFIweek quiz’. The competition ends on Saturday (3rd of June) at 10 PM CET time.

1. In which season did the teams full name become Sahara Force India?
2. How many pole positions have Sahara Force India taken?
3. Where is the team based?
4. For the celebration of which race did Hype prepare a special drink?
5. In what race did Sahara Force India win their first points?
6. How many drivers have taken a part in a race in Sahara Force India colours?
7. Name the last race for the Jordan Team.
8. In September 2009 Fisichella left Sahara Force India. What team tempted him away?
9. In which races in 2016 did Sahara Force India score a podium finish?
10. What other names has the team raced under?

Julia Paradowska

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