Fantasy League

Race to the top spot

Welcome to 2018 Pitcrew fantasy league. A global league to pit your skill against fellow racing fans to see who can predict 21 race outcomes.

Race predictions, can be really fun yet pushing your instinct to the limits. That why we have made scoring rewarding; so that you can bounce back to number one Do you have what it takes From the Pitcrew Team GOOD LUCK!              







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We have some amazing prizes to give away from Jake Davis and to the tune of over €400... So what can you win, you are asking - well scroll down and all will be revealed

st prize

If you at the end of the season, is first place in our pitcrew fantasy league:

You will win A3 mounted and signed poster from Jake Davis Creative


a 92cm track of your choice from RaceTrackArt ( residents from European countries only)

Second place prize

Finish Second place in the PitcrewOnline fantasy league

A 46cm track of your choice from RaceTrackArt (residents from European countries only)


you will win you an A4 sized poster of your choice from Jake Davis Creative

3rd place

Finish in Third place in our Fantasy League

A set of jakeDavis creative's Lewis Hamilton stickers
A lamp of your choice from RaceTrackArt


Entering the fantasy league, to pit yourself against others, is easy. You just sign up.. if you are already signed up with The you are ready to go 

A pain free, and with more features to come, you benefit of being part of the pitcrewonline

Once you have registered you are ready to go ..

What do we have to predict.

You have to predict

The final race order, so all 20 places.

The pole time

If theres a safety car (virtual or normal safety car)

If theres rain

And how many will DNF

These will all accrue points, you will get points for correcting 20th place correctly. (more details on points in the points system section)



Register or login below to be able to enter the fantasy league.

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Here are the standard race points for final race positions.


The bonus points scoring for when you get x amount of drivers in their correct finishing position

Number of correct driver placings bonus points
all drivers in correct position100
19 drivers in correct position90
18 drivers in correct position85
17 drivers in correct position80
16 drivers in correct position75
15 drivers in correct position70
14 drivers in correct position65
13 drivers in correct position60
12 drivers in correct position55
11 drivers in correct position50
10 drivers in correct position45
9 drivers in correct position40
8 drivers in correct position35
7 drivers in correct position30
6 drivers in correct position25
5 drivers in correct position20
4 drivers in correct position15
3 drivers in correct position10
2 drivers in correct position5

Misc points

bonus points for various events in the race

A wet race due to rain 20 bonus points

A virtual and or safety car 20 bonus points

Correctly predicting the right amount of DNFs 20 bonus points

Pole Time

Correctly guessing the pole time within .25% gives you 25 bonus points

On a 1m 30s lap thats .225 of a second

Correctly guessing the pole time within .5% gives you 10 bonus points

On a 1m 30s lap thats .480 of a second

Correctly guessing the pole time within 2% gives you 1 bonus points

On a 1m 30s lap thats 1.80 of a second


1. Fantasy league paricpatiants must be 16 years and over
2. Pitcrew staff are not ellidgable for prizes but may partake in the league
3. We may subsiitute, retract and or add prizes if nesccerry.
4. Prizes are sent out by the companies in question, thus the fullfillemnt is 3rd party.
5. We may restrict delivery to certain countries due to import rules, this may be imposed by us or 3rd parties
6. We may remove participants if we find abuse of our systems, to other users or towards pitcrew staff.
7. Offensive and vulgar account names may be removed without notice.

Prize postage restrictions.

1. can only post to Europe, because of the fragility of the tracks.

2. Prizes are not deliverable to India due to customs restrictions

Race results Terms

1. Race results are governed by the FIA.
2. Changes to the results may occour, if we have updated the league and those positions change we will alter the results to reflect that.
3. Any changes to the results will be added to the fantasy league page.
4. DSQ of a driver, will result in the changes of points scoring. We will update you with this situation
5. Errors may occur, if you feel that there is one, please do contact us.


Any complaints may be addressed can be sent to

My passion to draw came before I could even walk. Initially, like most toddlers do, I drew houses with pretty trees and dogs sitting outside. As I grew older the dogs became dragons and the pretty houses became gory battle scenes. Thankfully I grew out of this stage and took myself off to art college where I could draw and paint to my hearts content.

I decided I wanted to be an Illustrator and after completing my degree back in 2003 I have been working freelance and then advertising came along. I had always contemplated advertising but thought I had left it too late, I had an urge to use my creativity in a different medium and my mind was made up when I saw a particularly shocking ad for a well known shampoo. I thought to myself I can do better than that, how difficult can it be? A year later after completing an MA in Creative Advertising I now realise it can be extremely difficult but also very rewarding when you get it right.

My other passions include Formula 1, long walks and watching a good film while devouring Krispy Kreme name a few.

Please feel free to get in touch to give me a new challenge.


Some of Jake's purchasable artwork


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A small sample of track and lamp designs from RaceTrackArt.

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