Virtual GP – Season Two, Smidl reigns supreme


After the successful first season of Virtual GP, it returned for a second season. This season built upon the successes of the first season and made an altogether better series.

So what changed?

The game simulator changed, from F1 2014 to Assetto Corsa. A much more simulator based game, it is still being actively developed, having all new DLCs with cars and tracks and a great and dedicated fan base.

The car that every driver had to use was the 2015 Williams F1 car made by fans. However, the sound was tweaked back to the noise of the V8 era and also physics were altered to make handling more enjoyable, but serious and difficult to drive. There were some bugs to solve though, as the mod had officially been discontinued at the beginning of the season and came before big game updates.

A new tyre model was developed to allow different race strategies. Each driver had to pit at least once during the race but there were no compound rules, so the strategy decisions were completely up to the drivers.

The title sponsor for Season Two was BenQ, who supplied one of their latest gaming monitors as a championship winning prize.

Thrustmaster was our official partner who gave 10 T-300 steering wheels with Ferrari F1 add-on to the series.

The Drivers

The champion from the previous season (Michal Smidl) was granted a place on the grid. Meanwhile the other 9 drivers had to go through qualifying.

The top 16 drivers in the qualifying went head-to-head and the top eight got a place on the grid. The last driver was decided in a special online qualifying. Each driver had to set a lap time, record it as a video and submit it. The best driver, Antonin Blaha, got the last place on the grid.

The Qualifying system was a time trial, three testing laps, two timed laps, the best one counts. The track was the Red Bull Ring, and the car was the Mercedes W06. It was done on the F1 2015 video game, no setup changes, drivers assist like in the previous season.

Qualifying Results

1 Martin Stefanko 1:07.504, 2 Daniel Liscak 1:07.507 3 Jan Frajbis 1:07.652 4 Jan Sykora 1:07.697 5 Michal Blazek 1:07.786 6 Karel Basko 1:07.797 7 Petr Semerad 1:08.162 8 Erik Lestach 1:08.232 9 Jan Novacek 1:08.299 10 Antonin Blaha 1:08.339 11 Andrej Chlebec 1:08.443 12 Michal Belohoubek 1:08.527 13 Vojtěch Polesny 1:08.530 14 Pavel Vonasek 1:08.722 15 Jiri Voclon 1:08.800 16 Robin Lukas 1:09.296

So the drivers and their sponsors were as follows:

97 Michal Smídl – BigShock, a top energy drink company

98 Martin Stefanko – Intel Hardware

7 Daniel Liscak – Tiger Energy, a top energy drink company

22 Jan Frajbis – LYNX Computer and server makers

57 Jan Sykora – ASUS

99 Michal Blazek – Thrustmaster

53 Karel Basko – TP-LINK A manufacturer of networking products

13 Petr Semerad (First Round) Jaroslav Honzik –

8 Erik Lestach – eSuba, a professional e-sport team

14 Antonin Blaha (First Three Rounds) Michal Belohoubek – HyperX

The rules were just like in F1, two wheels on the track at all times. No crossing of white line at the end of the pitlane. Parc ferme was on. Car settings were allowed; drivers can make their own setups and share them. Damage simulation was on. No braking assists. ABS off. Traction control off. Manual gearbox was used, Race distance at 50% of real life F1 and car performance was equal, meaning no one had any advantage.

Season Two Results


1 San Marino (Italy), Imola – 10th October – 21 – Michal Smidl – Jan Frajbis

2 Australia, Melbourne – 28th November – 29 – Michal Smidl – Michal Smidl

3 Bahrain, Sakhir – 19th December – 29 – Michal Smidl – Daniel Liscak

4 Canada, Montreal – 9th January – 35 – Michal Smidl – Michal Smidl

5 Austria, Red Bull Ring – 23rd January – 36 – Michal Smidl – Jaroslav Honzik

6 Great Britain, Silverstone – 13th February – 26 – Michal Smidl – Michal Smidl

7 Germany, Nürburgring – 12th March – 30 – Michal Smidl – Michal Smidl

8 Hungary, Hungaroring – 26th March – 35 – Jaroslav Honzik – Jaroslav Honzik

9 Belgium, Spa-Francorchamps – 9th April – 22 – Jaroslav Honzik – Jaroslav Honzik

10 Italy, Monza 7th May – 27 – Jaroslav Honzik – Michal Smidl

11 Japan, Suzuka 21st May – 27 – Jaroslav Honzik – Michal Smidl

12 Spain, Barcelona 10th June – 33 – Michal Smidl – Michal Smidl

Championship Standings

1 – Michal Smidl 257

2 – Jaroslav Honzik 213

3 – Daniel Liscak 174

4 – Jan Frajbis 138

5 – Martin Stefanko 116

6 – Erik Lestach 90

7 – Jan Sykora 84

8 – Karel Basko 72

9 – Michal Blazek 45

10 – Michal Belohoubek 20

With Michal Smidl looking unstoppable, who will win the third instalment of the series? Stay tuned as the Pit Crew Online will be providing full and extensive coverage of each round of Season Three!

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