Virtual GP: Season Zero – A Brief History

With Virtual GP set to enter its third season, we feel now is a good time to take a look back at the previous two seasons of racing to get you prepared and show you how far the series has come.

The very first season was about trying, learning, understanding, and testing everything with no money or sponsors involved with one exception – Goldmax, a seller of high-end gaming laptops. As the main and only sponsor of the championship, one of their laptops was a prize for the championship winner.

Commentary was done by Richard Tesar, a professional commentator of F1, WRC, Formula Renault 3.5 and Marek Brozik, a rookie with some experience from other virtual racing championships.

It was created on the F1 2014 video game, not a simulator, as it was a completely new championship. It needed to be introduced to the widest range of fans possible, so they chose something accessible.

76 people had registered for pre-season qualifying in September 2014, around 30-35 people arrived.

The Qualifying system was a time trial, three training laps, two timed laps, the best one counts. The track was Melbourne and the car used was Ferrari, no setup changes.

Qualifying Results

1 Michal Smidl 1:21.764 2 Daniel Liscak 1:22.051 3 Jan Frajbis 1:22.578 4 Jiri Voclon 1:22.715 5 Jan Sykora 1:22.883 6 Radim Podesva 1:23.162 7 Karel Basko 1:23.179 8 Radek Sykora 1:23.562 9 Petr Kulhan 1:23.885 10 Petr Semerad 1:24.366

The teams were as follows:

MERCEDES: Michal Smidl and Daniel Liscak

FERRARI: Jan Frajbis and Radim Podesva

RED BULL: Jiri Voclon and Petr Semerad

WILLIAMS: Jan Sykora and Radek Sykora

McLAREN: Karel Basko and Petr Kulhan


o Two wheels on the track at all time

o No crossing of white line at the end of the pitlane

o Parc ferme ON

o Car settings DEFUALT, not allowed to change

o Damage simulation ON

o Braking assists OFF


o Traction control OFF

o Gearbox up to the driver (they all used manual anyway)

o Weather – DYNAMIC, changing weather conditions

o Race distance at 50% of real life F1

o Car performance – EQUAL


1 Australia, Melbourne, 26th October – 29 – Michal Smidl – Daniel Liscak

2 Monaco, Monte Carlo, 8th November – 39 – Michal Smidl – Michal Smidl

3 Canada, Montreal 29th, November – 35 – Michal Smidl – Michal Smidl

4 Austria, Red Bull Ring, 13th December – 36 – Michal Smidl – Michal Smidl

5 Great Britain, Silverstone, 10th January – 26 – Michal Smidl – Michal Smidl

6 Hungary, Hungaroring, 31st January – 35 – Michal Smidl – Michal Smidl

7 Belgium, Spa-Francorchamps, 21st February – 22 – Michal Smidl – Michal Smidl

8 Italy, Monza, 7th March – 27 – Jan Frajbis – Daniel Liscak

9 Singapore, Marina Bay, 28th March – 31 – Michal Smidl – Michal Smidl

10 Japan, Suzuka, 25th April – 27 – Michal Smidl – Michal Smidl

11 Brazil, Interlagos, 16th May – 36 – Michal Smidl – Michal Smidl

12 Abu Dhabi, Yas Marina, 30th May – 28 – Michal Smidl – Daniel Liscak

Championship Standings

1. Michal Šmídl Mercedes, 243

2. Daniel Liščák Mercedes, 195

3. Jan Sýkora Williams, 132

4. Jan Frajbiš Ferrari, 122

5. Karel Baško Ferrari, 117

6. Radek Sýkora Williams, 114

7. Michal Blažek McLaren, 70

8. Erik Leštach Red Bull, 44

9. Petr Kulhan McLaren, 32

10. Jiří Voclon Red Bull, 24

11. Petr Semerád Red Bull, 17

12. Erik Danko McLaren, 10

13. Radim Podešva Ferrari 2

Season zero champion Michal Smidl with runner up Daniel Luscak and third placed Jan Sykora.

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